2 Things I Leave on my Counter Every Day – Worshipful Living (Comments From Sarah)


What do you leave on your counters or on your kitchen table or in a prominent place ? 

Where is your Bible at? 

Do you actually read it or is it just gathering dust?

I have several Bibles in different locations in my house.

The bedroom. Where I read when I am sick in bed. There is a journal there. 

My bathroom. Where I read the daily scriptures and prayers.   2 different sources. King James Bible.

2 Bibles in the Living Room for my Bible Study. 

My Prayer Journal and my Bible Study Journals are there.

Then I have one in the truck outside.  And a journal.  

The living room ones get moved all over the house. Wherever I am studying at the monent.

Or trying to study.


Worshipful Living : Author Mandy Kelly

What I read? A small selection of Bible / Book Studies.

Book and Bible Studies in the Living Room.

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  1. simple Ula says:

    Great! 🙂 I left my Bible at home in Poland, but I have one on my phone so it’s close with me all the time anyway :).


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