The Music of Gentleness – and How Self-Control Plays a Part! (With Link Up!) – Worshipful Living

Worshipful Living :  

From Mandy: 

What do we need self-control over in our homes? Well, this week, I think of the music we will play. In our home, we will choose to listen to praise music. We use self-control in our house by guarding the gates of our ears to not listen to a lot of music that talks brings us down. I have a teenager – who goes to public school – a lot of the music she hears from her friends can have curse words, or undertones of sex. I am trying to protect her from those things. So, our home has self-control by choosing not to listen to songs that have those undertones. It makes our home- and cars-  a haven for her. It is protecting her from evil.

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