It’s Time to Begin the Book of Judges {Intro & Resources for Judges 1-5) – Women Living Well

Women Living Well   And Good Morning Girls : The Book Of Judges Bible Study 

Begins Monday October 17 Th. 

Introduction And  Resources

From Courtney, 

“As Joshua ends, we see the nation taking a stand for God. As we enter Judges; however, we see that the claim that Joshua made at the end of his book has come true. The people are following after other gods and there is a rapid decline – both as a nation and individually. The book of Judges focuses on sin and consequences. Sin grows when it is left unattended.
This book sounds a lot like today. Many choose to do what is right in their own eyes and follow after the ways of the world. But we can be like the 12 judges – who, though they were flawed and imperfect, decided to depend on God and be obedient to Him. Most of all, we can see that just like the judges – God’s mercy has come to our rescue over and over again.”
Reading Plan For Week 1

This Week’s Bible Verses

Monday’s Bible Verse: 

Monday’s Discussion Questions. 

Other Resources

Courtney has a wonderful video. 

SOAK Method Of Study

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For The Men And Boys: 

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Have a great week. Sarah

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