How going simple for party planning really saved my sanity this year – A Fresh Start on a Budget -Sarah’s Memories

A Fresh Start On A Budget : Why Going Simple For Party Planning Really Saved My Sanity This Year.

From Sarah : It is so easy to over spend on birthday parties for kids. Especially when they ask for a themed one.

Everything needs to match then. Somehow our birthdays and special days just happened.  Nothing elaborate.  But oh they were fun. 

I loved the parties I had for Bobby, Mike And Leah. By the time Tyler came around Donna was in charge of those.(Michael, Leah and Tyler are Bobby cousins.)

For years the favorite place to go for birthdays and special events was Chucky Cheese.

Pizza, Games, Prizes and Cake. 

No cleanup. 

We had G. I. Joe parties.



Dukes Of Hazzard

We went to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

The North Pole. 

Camping….. Many times.

Raging Rivers 

6 Flags.

We had fun. 

Host a Swimming Party. 

Get a Pinata.

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