Salisbury Steak – The McCallum’s Shamrock Patch 

 “Homemade Salisbury Steak is the melt in your mouth, tender, comfort food from many childhood pasts. I can promise you it will never leave you feeling disappointed. This deliciously, rustic, comfort food has all the flavor you have looked for over the years. It’s so simple and easy to make you’ll be sitting down to one of your favorite childhood dinners in no time flat with minimal clean up time involved.”

Rea Drummond; on The Pioneer Woman Show. 

 Heidy took a recipe of Rea’s and made it her own. 

One of the biggest things wrong was so simple to fix, the gravy was off, I had figured out why after reading several gravy recipes in an Amish Cookbook my parents had given me years ago; not once did gravy ever include the ingredient cornstarch. It was always all-purpose flour and butter in every Amish gravy recipe I read. So of course; I was thrilled because I really don’t like using cornstarch to thicken my sauces. 


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