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Lake Kissimmee State Park by Florida Natural Wonders. 

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Zipper Canal 

While it was definitely worth the drive to experience these scenic trails, there’s much more to this park. For instance, it’s bordered on 3 sides by 3 different lakes: Lake Kissimmee to the east, Lake Rosalie to the west, and Tiger Lake to the south. All 3 lakes are connected and are very popular for fishing and paddling. The 10-mile Buster Island Paddling Trail is the paddlers’ equivalent of the hike I took. Kayak, canoe and paddleboat rentals are available.

The Gobbler Ridge Trail 

 I recently had the pleasure of hiking the Gobbler Ridge Trail and Buster Island Loop Trail at Lake Kissimmee State Park. My first impression, even from the drive in, was that this would be a hike with some beautiful scenery. The more I 

hiked, the more I thought, “Wow…this is really pretty.”

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    Such a beautiful area!

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