When You are Still Unsure Who to Vote for – I choose Brave


I Choose Brave : Voting
From Sarah :

I voted early this year because I originally was supposed to be in Arizona this month.  I wasn’t going to take any chances not being home.

Even though I had long since made up my mind who I was Not Going To Vote For, It was still hard for me to vote for a Libertarian President. 

The “throwing my vote away” was hard. 

I just couldn’t in clear conscious vote for Hillary Clinton Or  Donald Trump.

No way!  

I had prayed and prayed. Danny and I talked and talked.  He is a Libertarian.  I am a Republican. 

My dad and I talked.  And talked.

I wish Bobby and I could have talked. 

Oh the talks we would have had. 

Whatever you decide to do? 

VOTE your conscious. 


When You are Still Unsure Who to Vote for
My ballot sits lonely on the counter.  Unopened, untouched.   I thought I would know by now.  I thought I knew.
But the weight of the decisions feels heavy, messy, hard.
What does righteousness look like in a situation like this?  How much am I willing to compromise?  How much am I willing to concede, ignore?
I’m afraid I don’t know all of the answers.

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