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A Full Heart:Living A Thankful Life :

All Mom Does

by Rebecca Beckett 
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Fall is in full swing, school is officially in motion and we’re starting to see Christmas decorations on the shelves. But, what about the season of Thankfulness? Can’t we just rest in fall for a moment?
During this very busy and often stressful season we can get consumed with life and miss the incredible opportunity to take a deep breath and reset. If you are anything like me you don’t often spend time to reflect and really live intentionally and with a thankful heart. We are challenging you this November to join us as we grow together in thankfulness and gratitude.
We know that life is lived more effectively when we approach it with a full heart. Start walking intentionally toward thankfulness with us. Download our 24-day devotional “A Full Heart: Living a Thankful Life” or follow along each day online and on social media.

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