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Meditation Getting Started

From Sarah: I enjoyed it when I was doing my meditation series last year.

I stopped doing sharing them when I realized a number of Christians didn’t believe we should be practicing Meditation.   Learning from other cultures and religions.

I have read hundreds of books and articles.  Posts and anything I could find on this topic. 

I have prayed and talked to God. I have talked and discussed it with church leaders and pastors.  

Many many times. 

I don’t believe it is wrong. Not when it is a simple way to relax. 

Keeping it simple. 

Yes, like almost anything. … it can be used for the wrong reason.

Too much of anything is dangerous.

To me , it’s like celebrating Halloween or Even Christmas and Santa Claus.

I love Halloween.  It’s fun. 

I love Santa Claus.  The Tooth Fairy. And The Easter Bunny.

I Believe in the birth of Jesus and Christmas. 

Jesus Dying on the cross and Easter. 

The following is from last year.

Friday’s Meditation: Is Centered On One Of Yesterday’s Articles And The Blog It Came From, About Meditation.
From Sarah:

Today’s post will be a bit more focused since I have found a wonderful blog to learn how to meditation. Or at least start on this journey. Up until now, I only knew that I wanted to meditate. I needed to meditate.
I just had no idea how to start. No idea how to go about it. For me, sitting and just listening to music or someone talking wasn’t going to do it for very long. There had to be a way I could quiet my mind. To stop it from going on and on. My mind wears me out. It is restless and constantly changing direction.
Yesterday, I found a wonderful post on MEDITATION and shared it. Today, I spent hours looking through that site and everything it had to share.

Meditation is the soul's perspective glass. - Owen Feltham

The new to me blog is:
About Meditation(Online Guide For The Modern Meditator.)

Sleep is the best meditation. - Dalai Lama

This is the post I shared:

Meditation 101: A Beginners Guide With The Tips, Benefits, & Techniques You Need To Know

Beginners guide to meditation

Meditation is a big topic. There are countless approaches, benefits, techniques, and schools of practice. And if you’re like most people, you’re probably looking for a simple and comprehensive overview. Where should you start? What are the different approaches? When should you meditate and for how long? Finally, what are the benefits of meditation and […]

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