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Choosing Heart Sister Friends {Heart Sisters Chapter 3}
July 26, 2015 by Britt Nichola
Our family has moved overseas a number of times.  Each time we arrived in a new country I wondered how I would make new friends.  Little kids in tow, a foreign language, unfamiliar streets, and always looking for something familiar amidst the new scenery.  Along the way, I have met amazing women who have become special friends, heart sisters.  They are the ladies who know you and love you, in the season you are in, and the bonds are stronger than words can describe.
“Heart Sisters are essential to our mental, physical, and spiritual growth.”
God designed us to be interactive women, building relationships and encouraging one another.  Jesus showed us that relationships were the heart of His own ministry.  Jesus left an imprint of God’s love on the lives of others.
There are three different kinds of friends who speak to our hearts.  Outer Heart Friendsare the ones you see often and you share life together. Middle Heart friends are the ones who you know well and have  built a strong level of trust over time.  Inner Heart friends are our closest friends who we turn to the most often for encouragement, a listening ear, and prayer.
“Heart sisters are the women who get to know you, who know what lies inside your heart and love you anyway, and who walk beside you unconditionally.”
In a world where friendships are noted by the value of what each person gains, we can easily walk though life having many acquaintances and few deep, real friendships. In the pages of scripture there are seven examples of women who showed the quality of being a friend.
Rahab:  lovingly spoke the truth Mary: trustworthy prayer warrior Deborah:Naomi:  spiritual mentor Ruth: unwavering loyalty 

Bathsheba: Inspiring grace

Our circle of friends doesn’t limit us geographically.  With all the modern technology we find our friends can be across the globe and it still feels like they are sitting across the table sharing over a cup of tea and fresh baked scones.

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