Classic Thanksgiving Traditions for Any Present Day Family – Club 31 Women

Club 31 Women : Classic Thanksgiving  Traditions For Any Present Day Family

Our favorite is Thanksgiving brunch. When the kids were young I wanted an easy way for our family to connect around the true significance of the Pilgrim story and the turkey dinner with 30 to 40 extended family members late that afternoon was not ideal.

Starting when Laura was 2, everyone got all dressed up—my idea of course because wearing our Sunday best elevated the moment beyond the ordinary— and we gathered around our dining room table for brunch.

I made easy to cook breakfast casseroles the day before (I’m including our recipe at the bottom of this post!) and while they were baking, Dennis and I took turns reading a story from the book The Light and the Glory: Did God Have a Plan for America?These stories of God’s miraculous provision and the Pilgrim’s expressed gratitude taught us and our children the importance of not just our Thanksgiving holiday but the crucial expression of thanksgiving to God for all He has done

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