three layer meaty lasagna 

Ally’s Kitchen : Three Layer Meaty Lasagna. 

As a consummate entertainer, I love any reason to celebrate and invite friends over for dinner. So, what better than election returns! This recipe regardless of your political persuasion is a hit and brings you all together breaking bread and thanking the Lord for living in the United States of America.
Made with no cook pasta, it’s really easy to put together once you have your meaty sauce. That’s a separate recipe unless you want to throw something quickly together. Here’s a quick idea. Brown some beef and pork, add Italian seasoning and then adding in some jarred marinara sauce. It’s a way to pinch hit a meaty sauce and still be able to make this luscious lasagna. The three layers are each distinct and can stand on their own with pasta. But, in combination and baked together, it’s heavenly!
All you need with this lasagna is a salad. Now, not just any salad. Here are a few I’d recommend

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