I Am Thankful For An Awesome Event And Being Able To Rest Afterwards – Day 15

This was posted LAST YEAR around this time. Danny and I had worked with State Agencies and Government Officials for over 3 years to get the Buster Island Waterway Set Up And Opened. Pictures of the event to come in another post.
dscn6711ThankYou_CustomertyndaleIt took a lot out of me working as much as I did the last 2 weeks. Though  the good always outweighs the pain.
My mind is energized and that can only be a good thing.

That was me the last week at the park. I got things done. The Energizer Bunny is more annoying than I ever am.

I was the go to person for getting everything set up at the park.
Our volunteer coordinator made arrangements for the actual event. I am very glad I didn’t have to. Sometimes it is nice to be in the background getting it done and not having to be the person in the spotlight. She dealt with All the media.
Even Danny was left out of most of it.
We got the BALL rolling and worked on it for 3 years behind the scenes.
It was wonderful though for it to be acknowledged officially.

It did seem like it was never going to get done. 
DSCN6711Tom McLaughlin And I at Cow Camp – Getting things ready. He was one of the 2 men who started the project with Danny and I.



A Quick selfie of Bill and I.
A Quick selfie of Bill and I. I wish I would have just asked someone to take one of us.

Bill Redmon Wild Creek Adventures

Liz and I.   Liz Sparks  Paddling Trail Coordinator
Liz and I.
Liz Sparks
Paddling Trail Coordinator

At Cow Camp

After the work gets done

there is time to rest.

The song fits how high I was feeling. 

John Denver – Rocky Mountain High


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  1. Erika Kind says:

    Yeah, glad to see you so full of life, Sarah!


    1. So am I. LOL It feels good to be happier. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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