Second Buster Island Paddle Trip With Bill – (Lake Rosalie) Part 3

Life WAS so good back this. Got to get better so I can do it again. With Danny of course.

Sarah's Attic Of Treasures

Check Out The Birds we saw coming out of Zipprer Canal Check Out The Birds we saw coming out of Zipprer Canal

100_3259Entering Lake Rosalie
100_3266Slow and Easy at first and then the race was on. We came in way ahead of the rest of them.
It also meant I couldn’t take PHOTOS. LOL

100_3265Still slow and easy. They were just busy looking at all the birds out. 
100_3264100_3261100_3266100_3272100_3271100_3270100_3269100_3268100_3267100_3303100_3302100_3301100_3299100_3298100_3297100_3295100_3294100_3292100_3291100_3290100_3289100_3288100_3287100_3286100_3285100_3284100_3283100_3282100_3281100_3280100_3279100_3278100_3277100_3276100_3275100_3273100_3304There weren’t a lot of other boaters out or people fishing.
100_3303It was fun to come across them when we did.

100_3302100_3301100_3300100_3299Almost straight across from us was a good place to rest and take and relax for the next part of the journey.
The PRETTIEST PART and also the hardest part at times. It would get very NARROW in spots and the water was LOW.

100_3298This is actually a county park. New at the time. 2012
100_3297100_3295100_3294100_3292100_3291100_3290100_3289100_3288100_3287100_3286I was having the time of my life. I was healthier. A lot healthier. 

100_3285100_3284100_3283100_3282Here comes Erik. 

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  1. Erika Kind says:

    Beautiful pictures!!!


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