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Showing Love To Grieving Friends

Grieving Friends.

Hospitality Hints is a monthly feature on our blog with some helpful hints for being hospitable in everyday life. Our hints may involve inviting people over, but not always! Most of the time, they will be about having a posture of hospitality—welcoming others into our lives. 

Almost exactly a year ago, unspeakable tragedy rocked the world of one of my closest friends. As I sat in a memorial service on a sunny Sunday afternoon, I remember looking toward my friend and her grieving family and thinking, helplessly and hopelessly, “What now?”

As I’ve walked with my sweet friend (and, at times, watched her walk alone) through the last 12 months, I’ve learned that grief takes many forms, depending on the person and situation and day and hour and moment. There is no cure-all or band-aid or Grief for Dummiesworkbook. But there are a few consistent truths about grief that can help you show hospitality to those you know walking through the process. 

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