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One Thing Alone : 30 Days Of Thanks

From Sarah  Don’t just keep 30 Days Of Thanks. Make it 60 Days . 90 Days . 120 Days . And So On.


But what if this year we took our thankfulness to the next level? What if we went from simply posting photos of stuff to actually impacting people’s lives with our gratitude?

“How can I do that?” you ask.

Simple. After thanking God for whatever it is you’re grateful for, take 2 seconds and thank the person who made it possible. Because while all good and perfect gifts come from the Father of lights, those blessings usually come through the wonderful people in our lives.

So this month, I encourage you to take your Thanksgiving thankfulness one step further. After we say “thank You” to God, let’s also turn to the person next to us and say “thank you” to them as well. 

  • The meal in front of you? Write a quick thank-you note to the person who made it.
  • Your paycheck? Thank your employer for giving you a job.
  • A quiet Sunday morning of worship? Thank the nursery workers who watch all the kids.

At first, this may seem strange, but imagine what a beautiful difference you would make in the lives of people around you if you intentionally thanked them every day. Because thankfulness multiplies and sends more thanksgivings to the throneroom of God when we share our gratitude with others. 

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