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My Morning Motivation :Morning Motivated Mom

 I spend a few minutes reading my morning devotion. I wanted to have the opportunity to get in a quick workout or do another refreshing task to start my day.

I vividly remember going to Colorado with my family when younger. I would get up early and sit on the front porch of the YMCA in the Rockies. As I sipped coffee in the early morning and gazed at the beautiful mountains surrounding me, I would think: The morning is the most beautiful time of day! I want to be a morning person!

My Morning Motivation...Make Over Your Morning

Then I would go back to life and stay the same. Hurried in the morning and often running late.

I came across Crystal’s blog at Money Saving Mom and she would talk about how she would make the most of her mornings. Last summer she did a Rise and Shine Challenge which helped her to get up early and make her mornings more intentional.

I was so intrigued and read her daily morning post. It felt a little silly to be so intrigued by morning schedules, but I think it is what I needed to finally make early rising a habit! I was impressed with what she did every morning…often before I would even roll out of bed.

I combined the push from reading Crystal’s posts with the possibility of starting a blog. I wanted to find an incentive to get out of bed early. I knew that if I wanted to spend time on a blog, I would have to get up early to do it.

My Morning Motivation. Make Over Your Morning

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