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Butterball, Your Holiday BFF | Just A Pinch

There’s a lot riding on the turkey at the holidays. Making one for the first time – or even the 30th – can be challenging. Our friends at Butterball are here to take the fear out of making that holiday turkey.

Calculators & Conversion Tables

Just a Pinch has a handy guide to help determine how much food you’ll need. But if you want to plan the perfect portion of turkey, wonder how long to cook or thaw the turkey, check out their fun calculators. You can plan based on the number of adults, kids and even if you want enough for leftovers.

Stuffing a Turkey

Butterball has simple steps for properly cooking a stuffed turkey. They even tackle the great stuffing vs dressing debate

Cooking Methods

Not sure if you want to roastgrillsmoke or deep fry your turkey? There’s a how-to explaining the methods.

Turkey Talk-Line

Butterball Turkey Talk-Line is available from November 1 through Christmas Eve to answer any questions or help walk you through any potential disasters. For more than 30 years, turkey experts have been answering questions. In the first year, they answered 11,000 turkey cooking questions. Now, they answer more than 100,000!

If you’re in a pinch, call 1-800-BUTTERBALL (800-288-8372) and one of the 50+ experts can answer your question.

Photos courtesy of Butterball.


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