Easy Meal Plan Sunday – Week 74 – Dinner at the Zoo


Dinner At The Zoo : Easy Meal Plan 

Sunday  Week Plan 74 

Thursday Turkey Breast With Buttermilk

Often, with a boneless turkey breast, the meat tends to be dry, but marinating it in buttermilk solves that problem, and you end up with moist, tender turkey that’s easy to slice and serve.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to marinade your turkey for 8-12 hours, so plan accordingly. Trust me, it’s what make this turkey so moist and delkcious! And don’t forget about any additional time you might need to defrost your turkey.

This technique also works with a bone-in turkey breast, if you prefer, although you may have to marinate it in a stock pot rather than a large zip-top bag. This is such a delicious solution to a whole Thanksgiving turkey, I often make two boneless turkey breasts for my family, rather than one large turkey.

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