Prepare {NOW} your HEART for tHIS CHRISTmas!


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Keeping Christ As Christmas.

Preparing Your Heart For Christmas. 

Prepare {NOW} your HEART for tHIS CHRISTmas!

Can you believe it?  This week, Christmas commercials have been on television and Hallmark is playing Christmas movies non-stop {LOVE that!}.  Stores are already advertising for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Our lovely town’s business open-houses are this weekend, and our downtown Christmas lights came on last night.  It’s a beautiful sight that makes me all happy inside!  

It’s fun to be able to lightly enjoy the coming Christmas season at a leisurely pace for a few days.  However, as we all well know, within mere weeks schedules will become filled and pressure will be felt.  So… now is the best time to do some pre-season preparation.  {And I’m not talking about gift-purchasing, though that is a great idea, as well.}

What I’m talking about is the preparing of the heart.

The Christmas season gets so full and frantic that, though the season really IS about JESUS, if we aren’t intentional, we’ll leave Him completely out of it all.  (Or He will be an afterthought, at best.) Isn’t that sadly true?

The traditions, the shopping, the decorating, the family gatherings, the ministries, the parties, the movies, the music… they are all wonderful and have their rightful places.  But if we don’t prepare our hearts BEFORE we prepare our homes and holiday plans, though the calendar maylook full, we can find ourselves empty and lonely inside.

It is with humility and hope that I admit that this is a work-in-progress for me.  That’s why I am starting NOW to begin to prepare my heart for CHRISTmas.