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My Thanksgiving meal plan

I make the entire Thanksgiving dinner the day before. The day of Thanksgiving I just put my turkey in the oven at 6.30am and then later on, warm up all the delicious sides in the oven. That way I can concentrate on enjoying my time with my family. Plus we get to eat at 1pm, rather than waiting until late afternoon.

We’ll start our meal with a cup of homemade bone broth. Check out my recipe. It’s really the perfect Thanksgiving appetizer.

Dinner will consist of: An organic turkey and, instead of mashed potatoes, a special sweet potatoe smashed roots recipe, and instead of green bean cassarole, my green beans dish with fennel. I’ll have a side of stuffing made from from buckwheat, apples, onions and herbs. My cranberry sauce recipe is so easy – just cranberries, juices, and honey. Plus a little helping of sauerkraut to help the microbiome along with this larger-than-normal intake of food.

For dessert (which usually I save for the evening), we have apple cobbler made with coconut oil and cinnamon.

My daughter will happily try out all of these dishes – she’s already a fan of green beans!  

What will you be eating this Thanksgiving? Share your recipes in the comments or on social media with #FLOholiday