When Giving Thanks Seems Out of Place – (in)courage


There is this pumpkin still sitting on our porch and a boy who thinks we can carve it up, pull out some superhero garb and have a re-do of that holiday with all the candy. He’s drawn the face on it already and, if I will go get the knife, he’s sure we can call tomorrow Halloween again.

Another boy sits next to him, still sneaking Halloween’s loot, but working hard on a list a mile long for that guy at the North Pole.

And, I stand in the middle, sweeping out leaves that have blown in from the windy cul-de-sac. “Guys, no, it is time to give thanks.”

The little one looks up from the pumpkin, “Oh yeah, next is that holiday where everyone comes over and we eat a rooster with the Indians and we have pie. I like that holiday, it’s a good one. Can I dress up as Batman?”

What? Roosters and Batman for Thanksgiving?

It seems he cannot put a name to this holiday sandwiched between the candy feasting and holiday list-making. This holiday that demands our gratitude, but then propels us forward into the season of gift giving.

What is it about Thanksgiving that causes us to look backward or forward, but never right at the place where we are standing?

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