The Photo That Went Viral On Facebook. My Story.

I post photos of me all the time. Selfies of me working or just sitting in my recliner. I post pics of Danny and I.
I have never minded being photographed until the last 2 years when I started to gain weight – a lot of it.
I do wish I had more photos of Danny and I in the last 2 years.

There was one time though when a photo of me went VIRAL all over Facebook and on the internet.

It was meant as a gift but before I even saw it, thousand of others had and had SHARED it ALL OVER.

At first I was stunned. Then I felt invaded. Stripped.
I wasn’t sharing my life on a blog as I do now. I was still in the first stages of grief.

After awhile…..After I calmed down. I saw what they saw. A women who looked happy on the surface but whose eyes told a different story.

Most of the people who shared it never even realized that it was a personal photo and hadn’t be intended for anyone but me to see.

What is the picture in question:

Behind My Smile
Behind My Smile

The Story Behind the photo.
Danny and I had been busy all week at the park. It was Spring Break and we were Filled to Overflowing.
We were tired but happy.
This took place on a Sunday Afternoon.

We had interacted with campers all week.
visiting with them while working. Seeing them while we clean bathhouses and filled toilet paper.
We’d answered questions and gave directions.

We were also needing a break.
Danny and I were checking on the campground around noon or a little after.
We got stopped and a guy we had talked to asked us if we could help them with their electric.

Of course we did.
I was excited because they were with a huge group and one of them had a TINY HOME.

I’d been eyeing it all weekend. So had Danny.

Danny went to work on the electric and I asked of I could get a little closer look at the house.
I not only got a closer look but we got a tour of it,

893280_480913165309214_1483076517_oThis is the original photo.

It took awhile for me to realize that it was actually an honor for me to be in such a photo that thousands of people connected with

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  1. Belinda O says:

    I do not know your grief but I feel pride in knowing you…and some others I’ve gotten to know through blogging…who have Angel Children and have been brave enough to share your raw emotions with others, some of whom need to know they’re not alone. My friend Mary lost her youngest son to an extremely aggressive leukumia, and if someone met her and asked her if she had any children, she’d say, “Two boys. One is with me now and one is waiting for me in Heaven.” Some people criticized her for that, but it was an expression of her faith and hope, and I appreciated it. Sadly, Mary lost her life to an accidental overdose a year and a half ago, and some believe it was her sorrow that led her to make careless choices. Thank you for making it okay to have Angel Children, to still be a mom even though you can’t hug him today.

    1. Belinda, Thank you for understanding how I feel and why I will always share my stories.
      I am sorry about your friend Mary. I will always claim Bobby. She had the . right answer. The only answer as far as I am concerned.
      I want to thank you for our friendship. It means the world to me.

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