When Worship and Thankfulness Collide – Worshipful Living


Worshipful Living : When Worship And Thankfulness Collide. 

If there is one general theme of my ministry, it is that our everyday lives are an act of worship to God. It is more than just heading to the church on Sunday morning. It is waking up every day, with your full purpose to be one of worshiping the Creator of the Universe.

But my heart doesn’t yearn for worship every day.

No, more often than not, I go through the motions. Motions of my day – the motions of what should be my worship. The same is true with my posture on Sunday morning. I often go through the motions when it comes to corporate worship too.

Our attitude toward worship will drastically change when we truly cultivate a heart of thanksgiving.

When we remember what God has done – when we remember that we are Hispeople. That gives us a reason to have an attitude of thanksgiving and changes our attitude towards worship.

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