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1. It’s All About the But

2. How to pray when you don’t feel respectable | Rach

3. Who Are Your Anchor People?

4. When The Wisest Thing To Do Is Nothing

5. How to Get Rid of Glass Half Empty Gratitude – Mrs

6. You Might Want to Serve S’Mores on Thanksgiving

7. On Living With Abounding Gratitude * Linda Stoll

8. Why It Doesn’t Rain 24/7

9. How to Enjoy an Imperfect Thanksgiving Meal – Anit

10. Why I, WE, need Thanksgiving – Debby Hudson

11. A Springboard for Stressful Moments | KellyRBaker

12. Listening Well to Promote Peace

13. Finding Life

14. Giving Thanks In Our Brokenness

15. #thankful – strainme

16. Choose to Help – strainme

17. A Time to Remember | A New Lens

18. If You’re Unraveling a Bit Before Thanksgiving

19. Did the Samaritan woman wonder  . . . ? – David’s

20. The Year We Ate Thanksgiving Dinner on a Card Tabl

21. Look BeyonD Election- haveing a heavenly perspecti

22. Do You Know the Cost of Following Christ?

23. From a Woman Who Never Thought She’d Smile Again …

24. When Past Experiences Magnify Our Rejection – Find

25. The Controller Love Style And FMTM Linkup

26. My Thanksgiving Prayer for You

27. Holiday Gift Guide for Prayer Warriors

28. Need a Break? 6 Ways to get more Fun in your Life

29. Everyone’s Welcome – Sherry Stahl, Author, Speaker

30. Man-Friendly Smoothie for Men’s Health Awareness M

31. Tips for Navigating the Holidays Gluten Free

32. How to be Thankful for and Love Your Whole Family

33. An Entitlement Attitude Makes It Impossible To Be

34. How to Make Faith a Part of Everyday Life for Kids

35. Getting Personal with Your Pen-Pal

36. Pursuing Health in an Anxious Age @Lisa notes

37. From Genesis to Revelation

38. What Hinders Our Thanksgiving

39. When Joy Doesn’t Come Right Away – Sarah E. Frazer

40. A Letter to My Hurting Friend – Sarah E. Frazer

41. Thanksgiving Free Printable

42. Living Hope – Walking in the Word

43. What Are You Sharing? – An Anchored Faith


45. Constancy of God | Being Woven

46. Blessings In The Midst Of My Child’s Mental Illnes

47. Celebration and Lament – Living Our Days

48. Isn’t It Wonderful? Theresa Boedeker

49. Free Printables for your Thanksgiving

50. Thankful For the ‘Very Ordinary’

51. Thank you for baring your soul, bloggers.

52. Laura Thomas “CURL UP & READ ADVENT”

53. Pearls From Proverbs ~ Adorned | Switchbacks

54. Give Thanks

55. When You Need to Give Thanks for God’s Love

56. Praying on the Prairie: Room for More

57. When He Shapes, Molds, & Orchestrates the Unknown

58. When inner whispers come… | Writing… Apples of Gol

59. A Thanksgiving Prayer (Free printable prayer)

60. “Are your words blessing or cursing?”

61. “Is believing ‘in’ God enough?”

62. “Where is God When Life is Hard?”

63. God Bless You This Thanksgiving and Always! | Free

64. You’re Invited to the 1st Century – Linkup

65. The Year We Ate Thanksgiving Dinner on Card Table

66. Thankful in the Least Thankful Places

67. The Modest Budget: Thanksgiving Outfit

68. Counting my Blessings & a “Thanks-Giveaway”

69. The Healthy Side of Drinking Water (Part-1) | My L

70. The Inner Views of Caroline Harries

71. How to Decorate Your Heart With Joy During the Hol

72. A.W. Tozer’s Thoughts On…

73. Save Money Grow Your Own Herbs | My Life on the Ch

74. False vs. Sound Doctrine | A Narrow-Minded Woman

75. close encounters of the heavenly kind @Poetry Joy

76. “How Firm a Foundation”

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