Corn and Oysters: A Stephens Family Tradition – Bohemian Royalty

From Sarah

A Bit Of History For Your Thanksgiving Weekend.

Danny and I love oysters.  

We have Oyster Stew, Corn And Oyster Casserole, Oyster Dressing For our Holidays. 
I love the history lessons here. The recipes are awesome. 

While comparing notes with my second cousins who live in Nebraska — where our great-great-grandparents William and Anna Stephens homesteaded in 1872 — it occurred to me to ask if they’d ever had the Corn and Oyster Casserole that I grew up eating during the holidays. Turns out they had! We compared recipes and they were quite similar, despite the fact that our families had been separated by the time and distance of two generations. Our grandfathers, Acey and Clayton Jr., were brothers but did not seem to remain close after childhood, and my cousins and I didn’t find each other until a few years ago.

Upon further speculation, we’ve realized our Corn and Oysters tradition could even have come down through the generations from colonial America. We know our Stephens ancestors go back to at least the mid-1700s in the New York (and possibly Connecticut) area, and our Randall line goes back to the mid-1600s in Rhode Island. We’ve all heard the story about Native Americans teaching the cold, hungry pilgrims to fish and grow corn. The combination of corn and oysters sure sounds like a classic American Thanksgiving tradition, doesn’t it?

Cousin Shirley found this from the Union Oyster House:


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