Linda Stoll: Here’s Why You Might Want to Serve S’Mores on Thanksgiving

Linda Stoll : 

Celebrating And Grieving

You’ve had a difficult year.

Maybe that would be a vast understatement.

Perhaps you’ve encountered challenges galore and transitions that have almost done you in.  Or immense losses too great to number or beyond description.  And you already know that this year’s holidays will be drastically altered and you’re not quite sure what you’re going to do about it.

I hear you, friend.  That scenario was ours last year as both my dad and our little grandson Tyler went home to be with Jesus, one in July and one in September, suddenly and without notice.  Our extended family was left reeling, stunned, and shaken to the core.

We were also yearning to gather together again.  

To soak in the strength of each other’s company and savor hugs given.  To play and laugh hard and feast well and share sweet memories that just begged to be spoken.

A week or two before the planned festivities, one or two decided that it would be wise to skip our decades old Thanksgiving tradition of going around the table after dessert with each one, young and old, sharing what we were most thankful for in the just-about-finished year.

It wasn’t that we weren’t thankful.  

It’s just that we thought it wouldn’t, at that point, well … be particularly helpful.

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