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Sweet Potato Or Pumpkin Pie? 

The Chicago Tribune

Dahleen GlantonContact ReporterChicago Tribune

If you’ve never lived in the South and you’re not African-American, chances are you’re clueless about the fuss over sweet potato pie.

Patti LaBelle and Wal-Mart scored a hit recently when they introduced a sweet potato pie promoted as the singer’s own recipe. The pies, with Patti’s smiling face on the box, flew off store shelves. The manufacturer can’t bake them fast enough.Sweet potato pie is pumpkin’s Southern cousinIt’s commonly made using almost identical ingredients – eggs, condensed milk, cinnamon, nutmeg – except that sweet potatoes are used in place of pumpkin. The flavor is similar, too, but where pumpkin pie is dense and creamy, most sweet potato pieshave more texture, and the filling is lighter and more airy.Nov 11, 2014

Thanksgiving is coming in a few days and ever since the first one, there has always been a debate on which pie is better – PUMPKIN or SWEET POTATO? Growing up we always had sweet potato pie. I like sweet potato pie better than pumpkin pie because of the smoother texture and it is usually less tart. But say that in the wrong household and you could get banned from Thanksgiving dinner forever!

Which one do you prefer for Thanksgiving – Pumpkin or Sweet Potato?

Read More: Pumpkin Pie VS Sweet Potato Pie – Which is Better? |

Serious Eats>


Pumpkin pie vs. sweet potato pie


By Serious Eats.

As the eatin’ season begins, it seems to me that someone out there can discuss the difference between pumpkin pie and sweet potato pie. I’ve only had SP pie once, a good while back. But it seems to me that they’re both basically the same thing, a custard with cooked, pureed flesh and similar spicing, which is variations on cinnamon/ginger/nutmeg/mace. But that’s only a theoretical description. Lots of folks seem to prefer one to the other. Help me out here. What’s the difference? Why do you prefer one to the other?

Sweet potato pie is pumpkin’s Southern cousin – | The Wichita .

The pie is a Thanksgiving staple in African-American and Southern homes and is just as easy to prepare as pumpkin.





  • The first time Gregory Cole ever tasted pumpkin pie, he was a grown man.

    It was Thanksgiving, and he was in the army, stationed far from home. His thankfulness quotient rocketed when he spotted an orange-colored pie.

    Until he learned that the pie was pumpkin.

    “I said, ‘Wait a minute. Who did this?’” he remembers with a laugh.

    Cole, who today hef and instructor at the Butler County Culinary Arts program, grew up eating sweet potato pie exclusively. The dessert was always the centerpiece of his family Thanksgivings, and no one made sweet potato pie better than his grandmother.

    Read more here:


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