Advent Calendar Day 1: Opening the first door | Solveig Werner

Solveig Warner : Advent

Sunday November 27, 

Opening the first door

As far back as my memory reaches, there has been a nice Advent Calendar to make the wait before Christmas more bearable. When I was very young, my grandmother was the person who filled up the little bags of the handcrafted advent calendar, that had been used by her children in the past. We still make use of that very Advent Calendar today.

Normally I would excitedly open the first bag, the one with the 1 written on it with golden paint to discover a sweet surprise. Most years I would receive sweets, with there being bulging bags for the 6th (Saint Nikolaus Day) and the 24th. I remember that one year I would receive pieces of a necklace that I would have to string up afterwards. I once received a little hand made doll asleep in a matchbox converted into a cozy bed, it was my Christkind (I’ll be sharing more on the Christkind on the 24th).

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