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Grieving Moms & Dads will never get OVER their loss…Why? – Cathie Gray
Cathie Gray : 

Grieving Mom’s And Dad’s will Never Get Over Their Liss And Why? 

I’ll give you a simple answer first. 1) Losing a child or grandchild is INORGANIC. It goes against the circle of life and the natural DNA cycle and strips ‘the older outliving the younger’ of their natural bearings. Period. 2) A parent or grandparent doesn’t just lose a kid one day one year. They lose their entire future and all that they envisioned it to be. The weddings they won’t plan, the grandchildren & great-grandchildren that won’t be born, and the discontinuance of their legacy is only a part of it. 3) Triggers. All of the setbacks, reminders, and special occassions that society continues to celebrate, while a huge hole in their family unit still exists. All of their holidays are now HOLLOW-days!!


My real name is Debra (Debbie Sue). Sarah is a nickname given to me in high school. My husband has always called me that so here in Florida It's all I am known by. I was born and raised in Illinois. My son and I moved to Colorado in 1982. I taught school for 17 years. Then I ran a homeschooling/preschool/daycare until 2006 when I moved to Florida after my son, Bobby died suddenly. He was almost 26. Danny and I live and work at a state park here. I miss the mountains and climate of Colorado. I miss snow and the four seasons. I miss Bobby.

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