An Advent Prayer For The Lonely



Just as the miraculous advent of Jesus’ birth is often overshadowed by pretty lights, decorated tress, and bow-topped presents, the lonely are also overlooked at a time when friends and families are celebrating. My heart is tender toward the lonely this Christmas, and my prayer is that the Lord will prompt our hearts to reach out to them in a special way this advent season.

An Advent Prayer for the Lonely:

Father, it is hard to feel alone during a season that celebrates togetherness. But I know that the real reasons for the season isn’t about being with other people, but about drawing close to YOU. Help me as I grieve my loneliness to know that You look on me with tenderness and empathy. You’ve known lonliness too — on the cross. You bore my sins and the sins of the world — alone — so that I might drink from the well of your salvation. Thank you that I am never really alone, because i have You with me always. Help me feel and know that precious truth today and always. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

An Advent Prayer for Someone You Know Who Is Struggling with Loneliness: 


Tuesday, November 29, 2016
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An Advent Prayer for the Lonely

by Jennifer Waddle