Meditation and My Morning Routine- So Far

It’s been busy here in Our Neck Of The Woods. Very busy.
I’ve mentioned briefly the Event this Saturday. It’s huge. The work there will be less intense once the Event is over.
We are talking Media. The works.
Once it is over, we can get back to work on making the Paddling Trail better. Kiosks and things needed that we haven’t done yet.

We will still be busy but it will be back to NORMAL. We are used to a full campground and boating tournaments.
I can go back to a MUCH NEEDED SLOWER PACE.
Physically, my body can’t handle this many hours.
Mentally, I am THRIVING ON IT.
While I am there: I am capable. Slower and I need assistance but I function well.
I let my guard down as I enter our gates here at Rolling Meadows.

So, what does the above have to do with MEDITATION or My Morning Routine?

I have been more relaxed overall at work.

I really believe it is because of my attitude and the SLOWER way I start my day.

The first half an hour is still ALL about getting Danny OUT the door and off to work.
Now though, instead of following him into work, I slow way down.
Since he is gone, I relax my guard. Slow my pace…which helps my ankle.
I spend a few minutes of quality time with Mr. Bojangles and Vittles.

I try and drink at least a glass of water.
(I really gag sometimes). I add cucumber to it. Or lemons.
I use a glass I like.
I make the bed. I mean I MAKE THE BED. I have always made it. Pulling up the covers etc.
Now, I make it so it looks nice.
Arranged. Pillows looking nice. My nightshirt laid on the bed and not where ever I left it.

It does make a difference.
Later on, As I come into the bedroom, I smile. I usually spend a few extra minutes straightening up the laundry basket.

If I have time, I take my morning walk. I haven’t done so this past week and a half because I don’t need to wear myself out early.
I really enjoy this time period.
Next comes my shower.
I spend time with the Lord. I usually don’t do my Bible Study in the mornings when I work.
I do TAKE the time to pray. I have added this to my meditation routine since I haven’t really got into meditating yet.

Since I haven’t been up to working on my Meditation Room…I have been using the small bathroom. I just cover up the toilet  and either sit on it or if I am up to it I sit on a comforter on the floor. I have running water going. Window Opened and AC turned DOWN.

Candles Lit and Music going.
It works for me.

It’s a Start.

Then I get dressed in my work clothes and hop in the truck and off I go.

I usually get to the park around 8:15.
Home around Noon or by 1 PM.
I Hurt by then and just rest as much as I can.

Sometimes, I CRASH for hours. Usually, I just rest.
I have music I listen to while I rest.

Danny usually gets home around 4-4:30.

To be diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), you must concurrently have four or more of the eight defining symptoms.To be diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), you must concurrently have four or more of the eight defining symptoms.A woman suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

A woman suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

I can’t explain why I am so tired. Exhausted. My body is heavy. (Other than Lupus, Fibromyalgia etc.) My ankle THROBS and both legs hurt.. ALL the time right now.
It is worth it. It is so worth it.

I am doing something I love and am good at.

I get hugs.

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  1. Heather says:

    I like the kitten meditation ☺

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