What is Advent?


Sara Borgstede: 

An advent wreath is a another way to honor the Advent season in your home. Many churches have them, and you can purchase one of your own and use it every day with your family. We have one at our house at part of our Christmas decorations and keep it set up on our dining room table. We use it during our family devotion time and the kids take turns lighting and putting out the candles.

As a side note, this little angel candle snuffer 

was given to us as a house warming gift when we moved into our first home in Indiana, and we are still using it all these years later. This simple gift has been the best present! It’s a wonderful housewarming, wedding, or baptism gift. (Our kids always fight over who puts out the candles.)

The tradition of using an advent wreath dates back to Germany even before the Reformation.

Traditionally, the colors of the candles on the advent wreath have significance. Three purple candles and one pink are used. The three purple candles, which also match the purple paraments (cloths that decorate the altar area at the front of the church) are to honor the royalty of the coming of King Jesus. (Note: Some churches use blue paraments for Advent to distinguish this season from Lent, which is also purple.)

The pink candle is used during the third week of Lent as the candle of Rejoicing. “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice.” Philippians 4:4

We use a white candle in the center of our Advent wreath as the Christ Candle. This is lit on Christmas day in remembrance of the coming of the Christ child. In some traditions, this is lit during the 12 days of Christmas.