A Different Kind Of Love

GIVEAWAY: A Different Kind of Love

Gwen Smith shares LEAH DIPASCAL with us.


Love it certainly is easy to find this time of year. Cleverly tucked within greeting cards. Showcased in romantic movies on the Hallmark Channel. And nestled within tiny velvet jewelry boxes.

I admit that kind of love is fun, exciting and makes me want to hug the person closest to me. But let’s be honest … that kind of love is also temporary. The greeting card eventually gets thrown away. The romantic movie comes to an end. The pretty jewelry tucked inside the velvet box … well, some of mine have actually tarnished.

So today, let’s talk about a different kind of love. One that is eternal, holy and filled with glory. A love so exciting it makes this advent season pulse with joy.

Love a holy ribbon woven throughout Scripture.

Beginning way before Genesis thoughts graced the stage of life. Reaching far beyond the final words in Revelation. A love that is always present. Love. Never. Ending.

Did you know that God is not just filled with love? God is love. And Christ is that holy ribbon who has always been and always will be. A ribbon of Love strung from eternity to eternity. A ribbon that pulls you close and holds you forever.

During the Advent season we anticipate the great celebration. Our hearts capture the brilliant moments Love takes on human form and the world becomes hopeful again. Love wrapped in infant flesh. Trading limitless space for a limited earthen place within the confines of a worn-out manger.

Love stooping low for us. Love bending its knee for you and me. For all mankind so that we can celebrate Advent season with wonder and awe as our soul rejoices in grace-strung freedom.

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