How to Experience Life-Changing Joy at Christmas {Plus Giveaway}

How to Experience Life-Changing Joy at Christmas
By Searching For Moments -Lori Schumaker


I don’t have all the answers for your particular situation, but I can tell you what I’ve learned through my experiences.

It starts in the remembering. Remembering the miracle of that night. A love so deep and so strong, no obstacle could deter it. Not coming in grandeur, but as a humble baby in meager surroundings. He gave up Heaven for us.

Then leads to prayer. With reflection of the miracle in our hearts, we reach out to God. We praise Him, thank Him, and adore Him for His great big act of love. For the freedom we have. The victory in which we can walk. And the hope we will never live without. We ask Him to be our guide. Our wisdom. Our discernment. And our strength.

Next is listening. It is critical. We speak in our time of prayer and then often run. But we need to stay a bit longer to hear. Listen, soak, and sense His presence and the direction He wants us to take. What needs to go and what needs to stay.

Then obedience. A courageous step forward with Christ. Doing the next right thing is often the same as doing the next hardest thing.

Surrendering expectations of perfection. As we obediently did the next right thing, it may go against the grain of perfectionism. It may not be as pretty, as many, or as often as perfection demands. It’s when we acknowledge God as the only author of perfection.

Canceling false guilt. The next right thing may disappoint others. The enemy likes us believing we can please everyone and when we don’t, we feel guilt. Condemnation. That is not of God. We cannot please everyone. If we know our actions are pleasing to God, we can trade that guilt for truth.

Finally, adding laughter. Set the to-do list aside and smile. Relax. Rest in a faith that says God has this and it will be okay. A late box mailed to a special friend? It’s okay. Laughter is a manifestation of joy. Make room for it. We must live our joy out loud!

As a special joyful treat today, I want to give away my favorite new gift I am giving to all the special people in my life with young children! It’s called Star from Afar and it’s an activity that provides you a simple opportunity to share the hope and joy of the birth of Jesus with your children during the Christmas/Advent season! You can read all about here!

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