Organized for Christmas

Organized for Christmas

Hi friends, I wanted to share with you how I prepare in advance for the Christmas holidays so I have the majority of my to-do list done by the end of November. This eliminates stress and overwhelm and allows me to be able to relax and savor the holidays in December with my friends and family. I want an organized Christmas for you too and it’s totally possible by being intentional about doing some weekly tasks ahead of time.

Organized Christmas: Weekly tasks to getting it all done at I'm an Organizing Junkie blog

Organized Christmas

Each week I will write a post giving you a new assignment to complete should you want to. Clicking on each link below will take you right to that particular weekly post.

Task #1:

Set up gift planner app and budget


Task #2:

Find and organize gift storage space


Task #3:

Set up a holiday planner


Task #4:

Set up the Giftster wish list app


Task #5:

Christmas Cards


Task #6:

Cleaning & Organizing


Task #7:

Gift Wrap Supplies


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