25 Christmas Activities From Glorious Within Her

One of the things I’ve always loved most about Christmas is the Christmas Spirit. It brings with it love, peace, joy, and hope!

While I know not everyone celebrates Christmas with a true understanding of the depth of it’s meaning, the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, there is still this sense that the whole world together is remembering the coming of a precious newborn King. And it is so truly beautiful!

It’s as though, for a moment in time, the whole world is rejoicing in the salvation and hope God extended to us on that night over 2,000 years ago. The same salvation and hope He is yet extending to us today.

While I recognize that Christians can and should celebrate the birth and life of Christ every day of the year, there is something special about this season. In some ways, December is our last chance, before a fresh start in a new year, to celebrate the King who came and who is yet a coming King we await still.

And so, it is with great joy I share the following activities and traditions. I pray they will be a blessing to you and those you care about. May each of these invite such love, peace, joy, and hope into your home at this most blessed time of year!25ChristmasActivities.png

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