How to Choose Meaningful Christmas Traditions for Your Family

Sara Borgstede : Christmas Traditions 

I spent hours on my knees sorting through boxes. I looked through stacks and stacks of photos. I read through papers and files. I threw away two dumpsters worth of stuff.

When the time came to choose what I wanted to keep for myself, what did I save?

Two boxes of Christmas decorations.

I kept a sleeping Santa candle with a broken foot (poor Santa had fallen a few times in his deep slumber).Sleeping Santa

I saved a 1970s nativity set. It’s cheap and falling apart, but to me it’s Christmas in the finest form. When I see it take its place on the end table, I am a little girl gleefully waiting for Christmas morning all over again.

I saved the silver bell.

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  1. Deb says:

    I love the sleeping Santa. Countdown to Christmas. 19 days to go.

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