My Biggest Homemaking Distraction

Keeper Of The Home
I had to realize that the internet is a bottomless pit. There is no end to the things I could be doing–and often feel I should be doing–online.

When I spend too much time attending to the “urgent” things of the internet, things fall apart in my home.

I want my home to be a haven for my small family, not a vortex of chaos. I want it to be reasonably tidy and clutter-free, with nourishing meals that are ready to eat at a decent hour. I want home to be a place where we can recharge and enjoy each other.

Do you have a homemaking distraction? I sure do, and here's what it is...and how I'm fighting it.

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I’ve been thinking about how I can fight my daily distractions on a practical level. I knew the internet would be a challenge, because part of our family’s income comes from my work on the computer! But my family needs so much more from me than just what I bring from working online.

Here are three ways I’ve committed to minimizing my biggest homemaking distraction:

1. Setting boundaries

As much as I’m able, I want to assign specific limits around my computer time. At this point, my baby is napping twice a day, so I use those hours for my internet to-do lists. At 4 PM, I like to have a cut-off point where I close the computer and work on dinner prep and straightening the apartment. I also go to the coffee shop for a few hours most Saturdays for some focused computer time.

Setting specific time slots for computer time keeps the internet from seeping into the other hours of my day.

2. Becoming more disciplined

Since I’m only allowing myself a few windows of internet time, it’s imperative that I’m efficient and effective during those hours. I try to focus on the task at hand, rather than pinging back and forth between work and social media or random articles.

On the flip side, when I’m off the computer I do my best to maximize my homemaking time. I do chores and cook meals; no wandering over to the computer to check email!

3. Rearranging my space

One of the reasons why I’m so distracted by the internet is because my computer is in a prominent location! I work at the kitchen table, which is the central spot in our living area. Even when I’m not on the computer, it’s beckoning me, asking me to just get “one more thing” done.

My solution is to stash my computer when it’s not in use. If I’m not working during a designated time, the computer gets put away, lid closed, off the table. I’ve had to make room for it elsewhere, but I don’t want my computer to live on the kitchen table anymore.

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