The Inspire Bible By Jann Gray

It’s worth asking — what inspires you or energizes your faith? There really are a myriad ways for us to keep our time with God fresh. Bible journaling is one powerful invitation, drawing the heart into God’s Word, and closer to Him. Jann Gray  travels the country holding workshops to share her love for illuminating the text in her Bible with what God is writing on her heart. It’s a grace to welcome Jann to the farm’s front porch today…

guest post by Jann Gray

Every Bible I have ever owned has become the repository of all sorts of evidence that I have met with God on the pages of His Word.

If you were to do a quick flip through one of my Bibles, you would find that sermon notes, prayers, word studies, and cross references have been scribbled in the margins and that words and even whole paragraphs have been underlined, circled, and color coded.

These marks on the pages of my Bibles were not put there to distract from the Word of God — but rather to remind me of the personal revelations that God has shared with me as I studied and meditated on His Word.

It now also contains illustrations—a creative expression that I call illuminated journaling.

Bible journaling is an expressive way to study the Word of God by writing or drawing on the very pages that inspire our creativity.


The paralysis of perfection and uncertainty of beginning are reasons that I love encouraging new journalers to sit a bit with the Inspire Bible. The Inspire Bible has more than 400 beautiful Scripture art illustrations printed in the margins that help even the most timid journaler to be confident and successful.

It is a melding of the latest coloring interest and Bible journaling. The Inspire Bible takes the uncertainty out of it—you can just open it and begin drawing or start with the beautiful end papers that have additional line-art illustrations for coloring.

All you need to do is pull out your colored pencils and begin. You will also find plenty of room to add your own illustrations, doodles, and hand lettering.

Once you begin, you will look forward to bringing the line-art illustrations to life with your choice of color and color medium, and soon you will forget that you were at all nervous in the first place.

The most important thing is just to start! 

It could happen for you — or for those you love–  as you exhale with these pages — a deepening of relationship and intimacy with God almost immediately. 

And that could come as a gift too — like the richness of old family photo albums, this looking forward to returning to the familiar pages and remembering in great detail the impact God’s Word has had on all the days — all of a life.


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