Christmas Isn’t About Me And other Short Posts

Christmas Isn’t About Me

The temptation to make this holiday season all about ourselves is very strong. We want to buy the greatest presents, host the perfect party, and feel happy and fulfilled on Christmas Day. Everyone feels the pressure to make Christmas about their happiness. As you’re winding down your small group or Bible study in the next few weeks, take time to do a heart check with your group members. You can discuss healthy expectations, caring for others, and how to keep Christ at the center of the season. It’s an important discussion that will keep group members focused and ready for a new year.

In God’s love that surpasses knowledge …

Amy Jackson
Managing Editor,

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Tools and Studies for Your Group

I’ll Be Home for Christmas

The popular Christmas song, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” paints a nostalgic picture of family feasts, fun gift exchanges, and loving relatives. Doesn’t everyone long for this experience at Christmas? Unfortunately, many people choose to stay away from family during the holidays. Perhaps a painful past or broken relationships keeps them away, but whatever the reason, the holidays can be a lonely time. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can take the first step to reach out to others this Christmas.

A Look at Advent Through the Old Testament

The Christmas story began in the Old Testament. God’s nature didn’t change, nor did ours, and he had our redemption in mind all the time. The prophets Jeremiah, Malachi, Zephaniah, and Micah all proclaim the Christ that was to come. Use this Bible study to lead up to Christmas—or use it Christmas week to make the holiday more meaningful.

Imagination at Christmas

It can be easy to feel disconnected from the people we read about in the Bible. They lived many years ago and were used to customs and cultures very different from what we know today. The Christmas story may feel the same way—but it doesn’t have to. You can make the story of Jesus’ birth come alive—it just takes a little imagination.

Matthew: Jesus the Messiah

Get to know Jesus through the eyes of Matthew. What does it mean that Jesus claimed to be the Messiah? How does he affect our lives today and our relationship with God? Explore the importance of obedience, the power of Jesus’ name, living outside our comfort zone, and more in this 7-session study that introduces us to what Jesus’ life can teach us about our own.