Homemade Eggnog



Taking Route : Homemade Eggnog 

Several days ago, I shared a chai hot chocolate recipeand mentioned how it would have to become a Christmas drink tradition, much like our homemade eggnog. A friendly reader asked if I might be willing to share THAT recipe and I thought to myself, “What a perfect excuse to go ahead and make some eggnog!” I’ve gotten a teensy bit behind schedule with the season this year (since we added a precious little girl to our family a mere 6 weeks ago), so I’ve been trying to play catch-up with all of our Christmas traditions. Eggnog has been on my mind ever since the month started!

My husband and I teamed up in the making of this delicious beverage. I’m sure it could be a one-person job but I just didn’t feel like keeping up with whether or not the milk was getting too hot or if I was going to accidentally scramble, rather than temper, some eggs in the process of making this delicious treat. Plus, I had the baby strapped on me. Naturally, my toddler didn’t want to be left out of the fun happening in our tiny kitchen, so he joined us. This made for a nice, sweaty warm, family-fun experience.