Christmas Energy Bites

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6 Ingredient Christmas Energy Bites

Christmas Energy Bites by Grounded And Surrounded


What can I say?

I love creating, eating, and dreaming about energy bites!

These 6 Ingredient Christmas Energy Bites are no exception.


This recipe was created for my son’s Kindergarten Christmas party last year. I volunteered to bring a treat and wanted something festive, but the sugar cookie and fruit/veggie slots were already taken.

What was a mildly creative and holiday-themed foodie obsessed mom to do?

Well after an “aha moment” I found a bag of half-eaten (whoopsies, I’m neither confirming nor denying this…) Christmas M&Ms and added a few of them to whole food ingredients to make a “healthier” treat for the kiddos!

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  1. Sheridan Johnson says:

    I need this right now! Haha looks delicous!

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