3 Women of the Christmas Story & What We Learn from Them


3 Women of the Christmas Story & What We Learn from Them

The Christmas Story is one of the best stories ever told. Within it are three special women. Each of these women plays a distinct role in the story of Christ’s birth. Each teaches us something unique. And, each presents today’s women with a unique example of faith and hope that is pertinent to our present day.

Why the Christmas Story?

It’s one of the greatest, most beautiful, breathtaking, relevant stories of all time. Beautiful because it speaks of the birth of a Savior that was long awaited and so deeply needed. Breathtaking because it reminds us of the scandalous, jaw-dropping grace of God towards us. And relevant because it means just as much to us today as it did to those who were present when Christ was born. The Christmas story speaks to us still today. Of life. Of forgiveness. Or reconciliation. Of peace. Goodness. Of HOPE…

Three Women of the Christmas Story
Elizabeth, the Mother of John
Mary, the Mother of Jesus
Anna, the Widowed Prophetess

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