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advent%20option%205.jpgLast week, our team gathered one morning before work to share what we are learning from the She Reads Truth Advent study, Christ Was Born For This. We will be doing this weekly and posting our reflection each Monday.

It would be so easy to lose sight of what this season is all about between the Christmas festivities, to-do lists, and preparing for IF:Gathering 2017. Walking through Advent together as a team is an intentional decision to try and keep the main thing the main thing, and already it has been a great encouragement. We are able to talk about hard things in this season and pray for one another. More than that, we are drawing near to the Word of God together and learning about Jesus, who is our perfect Prophet, Priest, and King.

Since the beginning, prophets have been pointing to the ultimate One who would fulfill God’s Word and accomplish salvation. Jesus is the perfect Prophet; He is the One who offers us the redemption we so desperately need. The prophets of the Old Testament proclaimed that the coming Messiah would be the Word made flesh and He would dwell among us. They were constantly pointing us to the hope that was coming. The prophets gave a clear picture of the future, because the future was and is Christ. As a prophet, Jesus proclaims the hope that is to come, calls us into repentance, and declares God’s living Word.

But he wasn’t just the perfect Prophet while on Earth. He still remains our perfect Prophet today. He calls us to share in His works of proclaiming the gospel. His gospel of mercy and grace is given to us through His life, death, and resurrection.

Together we are challenging one another to believe in this unfailing, everlasting hope that is found in Jesus our Prophet – despite any loneliness, loss, or busyness that can try to define this season.

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