Blessed Is She : The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
Blessed Is She : The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year


Advent wasn’t always my favorite time of year. For much of my young adult years I think I just mentally scooted over those purposeful, preparatory days of Advent with my eyes set squarely on Christmas morning. It’s not that I didn’t place value on the birth of Jesus, but I just didn’t get all of the waiting that happened beforehand.

Today, as a woman with a few more years under her belt, I’ve come to realize that I thankfully know a little bit more about the beauty and goodness and even loveliness of waiting. I know what it means to wait for a husband, wait for a job to come through, wait for a home purchase. I know what it means to wait through the illness of a parent. I know what it means, as a doula, to wait for those I’m serving in birth to welcome their little ones into the world. The blind men in today’s Gospel from Saint Matthew must have also known what it meant to wait:

Wait for healing.

Wait for the Messiah.

Wait for the promise of better things to come.

And while I know a thing or two about waiting, what I’m still learning is the sheer capacity of this waiting to transform my heart and prepare me for the good things to come. I’ve come to view waiting not as something to breeze through as quickly as humanly possible, but as something to be embraced and be transformed by. I’m learning to welcome the waiting, because I know that it changes my heart and (please God) makes me more devoted, more grateful, and more attentive to His will. Our Lord’s interaction with those two blind men in today’s Gospel wasn’t just a random occurrence; it was after months, perhaps years of waiting and praying that their hearts were prepared for the healing that was to come. In the same way, the depth to which we receive the Baby Jesus into our hearts this Christmas season is dependent on our willingness to wait for Him this Advent.

What are you waiting on this Advent season? What stirs your heart as the one thing that would mean so much? Is it a child coming home to the Church? A relationship to be restored? A baby to be conceived or an adoption to be granted? A Mr. Right to be found? A physical, emotional, or psychological healing? Know that there is power, grace, and mercy in the waiting, especially in this holy Advent season.

What are you waiting on this Advent season?

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