Get Yourself Organized For Christmas

GIVEAWAY: Get Yourself Organized For Christmas

Gwen Smith. shares Kathi Lipp with us.


Allow me to introduce you to my friend KATHI LIPP. She’s a west coast chick who shakes up the lives, hearts, and homes of women by bringing ORDER and ORGANIZATION to the party. Trust me, my girl Kathi can inspire and direct even the most scattered among us. Myself included. She’s wise, she’s witty, and she makes me a better woman by pushing me beyond my comfort zone. She’ll do the same for you when you read her book, GET YOURSELF ORGANIZED FOR CHRISTMAS, Simple Steps to Enjoying the Season. {Which is only 99 cents on KINDLE right now! Not. Even. Kidding!}

Now, take a deep breath and consider what Kathi has to share in today’s excerpt from GET YOURSELF ORGANIZED FOR CHRISTMAS:



Every Monday for the six weeks leading up to Christmas, I reread the Christmas story. It has been the best practice I’ve had to realign my heart and my head amid the craziness of the season. When I start to feel myself stressing out about the plans and preparations, I remember that I have been given a gift — not only the gift of God’s own son, but of the time and space to reflect on my relationship with him every December.

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  1. Nena says:

    Oh I love a bargain! Especially on books!


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