My Biggest Distraction Is The Internet

Keeper Of The Home

Although crafting routines and implementing a very simple meal-planning technique have helped me get my homemaking closer to where I want it to be, the key was discovering my biggest homemaking distraction.

It was something my mom never had to deal with when I was growing up, so I didn’t have an example of how to handle it. But every day, I found that I spent hours on my computer, and my homemaking took a hit.

You see, the internet is my biggest homemaking distraction.

And I never saw it as a distraction because I use it for important, necessary things. It’s not like I spend hours playing minesweeper or stalking celebrities!

Do you have a homemaking distraction? I sure do, and here's what it is...and how I'm fighting it.

In today’s world, so much of our lives are funneled through our computers–and especially through the internet. Here are just a handful of things you might use the internet for in any given week:

  • Responding to email

  • Uploading photos

  • Connecting with friends

  • Ordering from an online store

  • Searching for a recipe

  • Attending webinars

Those aren’t bad things, are they? But I had to realize that the internet is a bottomless pit. There is no end to the things I could be doing–and often feel I should be doing–online.

When I spend too much time attending to the “urgent” things of the internet, things fall apart in my home.

I want my home to be a haven for my small family, not a vortex of chaos. I want it to be reasonably tidy and clutter-free, with nourishing meals that are ready to eat at a decent hour. I want home to be a place where we can recharge and enjoy each other.

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