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Martha Washington Candy ~ My Childhood Christmas Memories

Martha Washington Candy ~ My Childhood Christmas Memories

Martha Washington Candy is a classic candy made with chocolate, coconut and pecans.
I simplify the recipe without losing any of that classic taste!


When I reflect on my favorite childhood Christmas memories, what I remember mostly are not the toys or gifts that I received. Although, I was quite fond of the toys…By the way, boys have way cooler toys; the remote controlled cars, the race track, the BB guns, the train set. Funny thing, I always wanted and asked for a doll and I did play with them… about 3 minutes before I threw them to the side and started playing with the cool boy toys that my brother received.

While the gifts and toys were nice, looking back, however, my fondest memories are of the family being together; cooking, laughing, reminiscing, eating. We were always in the kitchen. I should have realized then my passion for cooking. I love the sound of being in the kitchen. The clinking and clanking of utensil, pots, pans and the talking and laughing.

It’s no surprise either that one of my favorite holiday treats is a candy that my mother made every Christmas, but only at Christmas. For that reason, the making of Martha Washington Candy signifies Christmas is near. It is a tradition. It wouldn’t be Christmas without it. This candy has been around for years, probably because it’s simple yet elegant, quick yet gourmet, and outrageously rich!

Martha Washington candy

This is the original recipe that my Mother passed along to me.

Martha Washington Candy

Check out the blog post for the recipe.

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