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Sundays at Home Week 140

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Welcome to Sundays at Home!

Hope it is not too cold where you are.

We have some wonderful Christmas-y features for you this week. May as well revel in the season while it lasts!

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. Love of Home is a lifestyle blog. My philosophy has always been to keep things simple. I share my easy decor ideas, recipes & projects. I’m a wife, mom of three, coffee lover, believer, crafty girl, self-proclaimed foodie and essential oil enthusiast!
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Penny Pincher Jenny :
Smoked Prime Rib Roast

It’s that time of year the holidays!! Now with life always changing we have been working to evolve our old traditions into new traditions.  The kids took to Pinterest and searched for Christmas dinners!!  One meat kept popping up prime rib, now we have been trying new meats but this is one the kids and I haven’t had.  Well, we didn’t want to have our Christmas dinner with a meat we weren’t sure we liked so we had to give it a test run and timed it over the weekend watching football.

Now an important note about my roast was I picked mine up at a local butcher shop.  They asked how I was cooking my roast and offered to season it!! The seasoning is what I was most nervous about so to have an expert do it was perfect.  I also had the butch tie it up when he said it would help with flavor and cooking, he wasn’t wrong at all!

Smoked Prime Rib Directions:

  • Season your prime rib roast and if possible let it set in the fridge for a day or more to allow the flavor to soak in.
  • Now this is where you know your smoker and how to prep it for smoking.  I use an electric smoker and prefer to use apple disks for smoking all my meat.
  • Remove  your chip holder, water bin, and racks out of your smoker and cap off your exhaust pipe if necessary
  • Fire up the smoker by raising the temperature on the dial
  • Fill the water dish and chip holder
  • Place in your chips and once they start to smoke put in your water tray.  I find I can get a good smoke faster by doing this method.
  • Once your smoker gets hot enough and a smoke place in your prime rib roast on a rack.   I kept my smoker at 150-200

  • Roast for hours at least over 6 hours.  We made the mistake of pulling it out to see if we could grill it faster to finish it off and it went up in flames, learn from our mistake don’t put it on the grill!
  • Be sure to keep replacing your smoker chips and disks to keep the smoke going.

  • Jenny is a SAHM to three kids, as well as soccer coach, and Girl Scout leader. She is a lifetime Weight Watchers member, running enthusiast, and loves to work out! She and her kids have discovered a new passion for cooking.

    5 Traditions for the Perfect Holiday

    5 Traditions for the Perfect Holiday

    Ornament Exchange– Each Christmas morning, since I was born, I have unwrapped an ornament. This ornament was a representation of my year or something special to me. I have a giant engagement ring for the year I got engaged, a teacher santa for the year I became a teacher… etc. I find myself telling my kids the meaning behind each one as we decorate the tree, and they laugh and smile with me. Then I let them tell me about each of their ornaments we have bought them since they were born. It makes me tear up every year. I love scouring the stores and internet for the perfect ornament for them each year, and I love our hodge podge tree full of memories.

    Book Countdown– This one has become pretty popular over the past few years, but I still love it! Each night before Christmas my kids unwrap a holiday book and we read it before bed. Some are new, most our favorites from years past. They remember them and look forward to finding and reading their favorites each year. There is nothing better than snuggling up for a story around the twinkling lights of the tree.

    Christmas Tree Slumber Party– Before Christmas each year we have a Christmas tree slumber party. We put on our Christmas pjs, we read stories, eat treats, watch movies, and we all snuggle together under the twinkling lights of the tree for a slumber party. I don’t know who looks forward to it more, me or the kids.

    Planning Your Holiday Meal + 3 Glazed Turkey Recipes

    Are you trying to plan your holiday meal, but don’t know where to start? Holiday meals are a BIG DEAL! Make sure your guests get happy and full by using these tips.

    Tips for Planning Your Holiday Meal

    Get in prep mode

    If you’re going to make an awesome holiday meal, get in prep mode now! Get excited, make a list, and start executing your plan for making an awesome holiday meal for your family. The better attitude you have, the better your meal is going to turn out!

    Clear your schedule

    When you are the host for the holiday meal, you need a few days to prep. I love to prep a few days before hand to relieve the stress. It’s no fun being stressed out whenever you are planning a holiday meal. Also, practice a few stress relieving techniques to help you stay stress free.

    Get creative with your meal

    The best thing you can do is make stuff you want at your table. Don’t worry about what everyone is making. What are some meals you enjoy having at your table each year? Make those dishes and enjoy them.

    Something that my family loves having around are table is a Glazed Roast Turkey with all the trimmings. There is not anything that can rip away this tradition from our holiday meal. Making a Canadian Turkey a part of your holiday meal is easier than ever. I always have leftovers and I can make awesome left over meals. Turkey is an excellent choice for the holidays that are quickly approaching.

    What are some tips you have for making your holiday meal awesome? Please share your tips! You know I’m always up for a good meal.

    Sadie’s Seasonings

    Hi there! I’m Sarah, the gal behind Sadie Seasongoods, my blog dedicated to a love of crafting and creating, cooking and cocktails, and treasure hunting road trips! I hope you’ll find my chronicles to be playfully fun, and maybe a wee bit informative or inspiring. Please visit my various social media outlets (“Connect”) below and if you enjoy what you see, please consider subscribing to the blog, as well.

    Craft on!


    As a December 26th baby, I feel a special connection to Christmas- even if a birthday at this time of year is pretty underwhelming. Coupled with my love of repurposing and upcycling, it should come as no surprise to anyone that combining the two- Repurpose/Christmas- is something I look forward to each year. And while I haven’t done that many of them, repurposed ornaments are an exceptional favorite. I’ve made DIY snowball ornaments from thrifted glass balls…pretty painted “icicles” from vintage spindles…wreaths from mason jar lids…and this year’s favorite, tea strainer / chandelier crystal ornaments.

    But there are SO MANY amazing ideas out there…so if you’re looking for some festive DIY inspiration, then start scrolling down…Read more

    Wonderful Waterless Snowglobes

    Two, maybe three years ago, I made a series of waterless snowglobes. A trendy retailer had advertised their version for an uppity price, prompting me to try and recreate them myself.

    And let me tell you, an obsession was born! I, of course, came armed with vintage supplies- old jars, vintage bottle brush trees, and couple of mid-century figurines. The results? 100% charming.

    I casually posted a photo of my waterless snowglobes on the Sadie Seasongoods Facebook Page, and folks loved them! So I knew I needed to make another one (darn!!) from scratch for a new blog post. This post contains affiliate links for your crafting convenience.

    Luckily, I had plenty of leftover supplies: Jar, bottle brush tree, scrap Styrofoam (I often save smaller pieces from appliance packaging), a Styrofoam cutter, hot glue gun, and faux snow. Oh and a pen.

    I also grabbed some extra accouterments- miniature presents from my childhood dollhouse and some little golden pine cones (I’ve used this kind before, as well).

    This is such an easy project that you may become addicted. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    So, the first step: Trace your jar lid on the Styrofoam .

    Tis The Season for a Delicious Eggnog Virgin Drink Recipe!


    The holidays wouldn’t be complete without eggnog, right? It’s kind of a staple of the season! Today, we’re sharing a delicious eggnog virgin drink that is just perfect for the kids (and non-drinking adults!) at your holiday parties! Did you know that, according to one theory about the origins of the drink, once upon a time, only aristocrats used to drink eggnog because the ingredients were so expensive? Thankfully, today it’s a different story. Eggs are relatively cheap (they went up in price for a while, but seem to be going back down now in my area!) and most of us have the majority of the other ingredients in our pantry or fridge. Check out this easy eggnog virgin drink recipe, then print out the recipe card for later!


    Hello and welcome! I’m Keri Lyn and I have been blogging for the past 8 years. If I have learned one thing it is this: great things are meant to be shared and that (ok, two things!) we can all learn quite a lot from each other. Surround yourself with the right people, uplifters work best.Things you should know: I am fiercely brand loyal and I get excited about sharing things that I love. You won’t find me sharing things that I don’t love, because what’s the point? Time is precious. Spend it on the things and people that you love. Simple.I will choose quality over quantity any day of the week. I believe that less is more BUT paying less doesn’t always mean more.Life is best when you hand pick the people and places and things that you spend it with.Most importantly: it’s about SO much more than money. It’s about time. Precious time. … KEEP READING >>


    Mexican Hot Chocolate Mix Recipe (*Great Gift Idea!)

    When the weather starts to turn cooler, I know that it’s time to start digging out my drink mix recipes. We love this Mexican Hot Chocolate Mix Recipe because it is so warming on a chilly day. I also love that I can make it in large batches (easily) with very few ingredients. It also presents itself quite lovely, especially if you can find unique containers or pretty jars to store it in, so it makes for a wonderful gift as well!

    Mexican Hot Chocolate Mix


    • 1/3 cup Brown Sugar
    • ½ teaspoon ground Cinnamon
    • ¼ cup unsweetened Cocoa Powder
    • 2 1/3 cups Powdered Milk

    In a medium bowl, mix all dry ingredients together until well blended. Pour into a jar or another air tight container until ready to use. To use, add one heaping tablespoonful to one mug or warm or hot water. Add in marshmallows, chocolate syrup, or more cinnamon or a cinnamon stick for an additional treat. Enjoy:

    This mix also makes a great gift. Place in a pretty jar and you have a lovely and delicious gift to share!

    Post Home Tour, Tour

    I want to back track a bit and give you a closer look at some of my Christmas decorations. I guess you could call this a post home tour, tour.
    I prepped the parlor / mama cave and dining rooms for my Christmas home tour…but things might have become a blur because I did not have the time or space to give you a closer look at the decorations I used. I zoomed through.
    Santa has lots of packages…so the smaller sleigh will be helpful. 🙂
    In the beginning…I found these gorgeous aluminum mixed metal sleighs…and decided that they would be just the thing to add to my collection.
    These sleighs spoke to me this year! I have become very selective about buying anything new…because I have enough as it is.
    My original though was to make tiny Christmas presents to fill the sleighs…but time was pushing me to be ready for the home tour, and I saw a box of silver jingle bells, so bingo!…I decided to fill the sleighs with jingle bell filler.